Environmental Focus & Our Process



Environmental Focus  


 Sustainability is not an afterthought at In Between Days. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and do all we can to minimise our footprint and recycle wherever possible. We also endeavour wherever possible to make our garments using deadstock, which is the leftover fabric that goes unused by the mill or brand- usually major fashion houses- that produced it. Using deadstock helps to keep fabric out of landfills, and is by far the most sustainable way of producing clothing.


Our shipping and packaging is wrapped using biodegradable cellophane and is one hundred percent plastic free. 


Our Process


In Between Days is a wholly Australian, Melbourne based company. We pride ourselves on making the most of our local resources, and produce fifty percent of our collection here and fifty percent in Thailand. All pattern-making, grading, and sampling is done in Melbourne. The collection is manufactured in Thailand. We do not believe in 'fast fashion' or the unethical sweatshop conditions in which they are often produced.  The manufacturer we use to produce our collections is a small, family-run business that pays each employee the award wage plus holiday and sick pay, permits three breaks per shift, and only does small production runs. In Between Days has a policy of producing only 50 of each design,  both to keep labour to a minimum and to ensure you are purchasing a piece that you won't see on 500 other women!  

Meet some of our team at our factory in Thailand - L to R Mrs. Rabieb, Ms. Tawon & Mrs Sutorn.

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