Our W19 Fabrics


In Between Days aims to use natural fabrics wherever possible,  but sometimes the style of the garment will necessitate the use of synthetic materials. Despite the bad rap they often receive, synthetic fabrics can actually be more comfortable and long wearing than natural materials- as any five year old who's ever been reluctantly forced into a woollen jumper will attest to! 


Certain styles are produced using a special Polyester blend alongside a natural fabric. This mix of complementary synthetic and natural fibres ensures better longevity, durability, easier cleaning of the garment, and a more flattering cut or 'drape'. 

Fabric for W19 Collection

Chiffon Polyester/Cotton voile Slip – High Neck Dress

This is a light, soft, and durable fabric. Drapes beautifully on the body. Fully lined in cotton voile with adjustable straps. The mix of cotton alongside polyester ensures it will breathe well, wash easily, and be less prone to creasing & losing shape.


Rayon – Button Wrap Dress, Wide Leg Jumpsuit and High Neck Top

Rayon is probably our favourite fabric to work with! It was one of the first man-made fabrics to be produced, yet it is considered a natural fibre, as it's made from wood pulp. It has a beautiful feel and drape to it which suits summery dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and shirts. Rayon is more absorbent than cotton and has terrific breathability, which makes it an ideal fabric to use in summer collections. Rayon is an eco-friendly fabric, produced from renewable plants such as bamboo, pine, and beech trees.

Cotton/Elastane – Button Pants

This is an excellent fabric to use for pants, as it’s durable, breathable, and has some stretch. 

The blend of  cotton and linen fibres helps maintain the shape of the garment, and the elastane component helps to prevent creasing.

Washing & Care Instructions


Wash - For best results, we recommend cold hand washing for all our garments. If cold hand washing is too time consuming, rest assured that all this seasons fabrics can tolerate a gentle COLD machine wash with a mild detergent. Ensure you wash each garment with similar colours & DO NOT BLEACH .


Drying- As we use predominately natural fabrics NO garment should go in the tumble dryer- unless you want to shrink it to a child's size piece! We strongly recommend flat drying or a clothesline. 


Ironing – All garments can tolerate a gentle, warm iron.

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